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User Experience Research

5~6 years of psychology research in cognitive, developmental, and social health – now geared towards the iterative process of digital product design

Digital Product Design

Due to my behavioural research background, I’m always advocating for data-driven approaches to drive meaningful human-centred design decisions

and More!

With a history of freelance career in various other creative fields (i.e. videography, photography, graphic design, game design), they often make their way into my projects


Bedtime Smartphone Use & Sleep Efficiency

Blue Light Filter as a Moderating Factor?

Looking at Images During Personal Space Intrusion

Eye-tracking Study

Reading Comprehension During Personal Space Intrusion in Virtual Reality

Research Proposal

Larger distances from larger vehicles: effect of vehicle size, viewing side, and their facia on comfort distance in virtual reality

VR Study


Empowering Online Shoppers to Making Ethical Buying Decisions

Lead UX Research & Design

Tugboat Simulator

Preliminary Product Experience Concept Design

Virtual Fire Investigation Training Simulation

Digital Product Design & Research