Eastside Culture Crawl Preparations for a Vancouver Artist

Custom Request Requiring Maximum Flexibility

Client: Linda Louie

Linda Louie approached me with a very unique project that needed lots of flexibility in the roles I would be taking on. She had many great ideas for her upcoming show for the Eastside Culture Crawl at Parker Street Studios, and wanted someone with the technical skills to execute her ideas into fruition. Below are the collection of some of the roles I took on to help this client prepare for the Eastside Culture Crawl.

Mosaic Art: Interactive Zodiac Calendar

To start off, Linda requested a clean, minimalistic design for her website, and shared her idea about incorporating an interactive component that was relevant to one of her mosaic paintings. The main concept for this painting was the combination of the Eastern Animal Sign Zodiacs and Western Sun Sign Zodiacs. In this piece, Linda arranged and painted every possible combined signs onto one of the 144 wooden panels so that everyone could find their own combined signs. Since she knew that not everyone knew both their Eastern & Western zodiac signs, she thought it would be nice to have some sort of calculator where she could help people “find themselves” in the painting during her art showings.

Before this project, I had never worked with CSS, HTML, and Javascript before. But since I’ve been wanting to teach myself anyways and had some exposure to coding before, I thought I would just take on the challenge and learn as I go. What better way to learn than to jump in?

Thankfully, I found a blessed software developer who had already coded the original script & made it open source for everyone to use! Most of the work was already done, and all I had to do was figure out how to change the visuals to be more pleasing and suited for Linda’s website.

Eventually after trial & errors, I modified the look of the calculator to fit with Linda’s request of maintaining a “simple and minimalistic” look all throughout her website.

Here is the final website design for Linda Louie’s portfolio:


Wix was used for the website design to make it easier for the client to update her website on her own in the future.


Postcards & Greeting Cards

Linda also had the idea of selling postcards & greeting cards to further market herself as a painter & advertise for her most recent paintings. I had never designed any print products before, but taught myself all the basics in order help Linda achieve her goals. I learned the importance of bleed in designing print media, as well as other industry standards. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 5.30.07 PM

Studio Sign

The client’s studio is located at Parker Street Studios, which is a building full of local Vancouver artists. For guests to find her studio, it seemed necessary for her to make a hanging sign to indicate the exact location of her studio. She requested for a very simple design for a hanging sign, and I sent her the following 3 versions to choose from. I like to give my clients some options over which design version they want implemented. 

Other Requests

After observing my work ethic & style on the aforementioned tasks, Linda asked if I could be her studio assistant for other miscellaneous tasks. Some of these tasks included additional graphic design work (i.e. prize draw forms, order receipts, customized painting purchase forms, etc), as well as talking to guests and providing verbal explanations for her artwork. She also put me in charge of the studio in her absence on one of the days of the Culture Crawl, and managed to sell one of her large paintings. 

I included this unique experience with this client to show that I’d be more than happy to take on a wide variety of other tasks that may not be included in my job description / contract. I believe I can learn from any experience, and always appreciate the opportunity to expand my skillsets & further help my clients.

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