Client Vancouver maritime museum

We started off the project by having a team bonding meeting and actually visiting the Vancouver Maritime Museum to see what the experience would be like. Our client kindly offered to take us on a more VIPVIP tour of the Vancouver time museum to show us where the tugboat simulator will eventually be exhibited within the museum we first started by exploring all the different areas of the museum to understand the user flow of how the museum visitors will be experiencing their trip to VMM Add a more holistic level considering their whole entire experience into account noches de tugboat simulator

Our primary users were mainly of children of ages from 6 to 12 as well as secondary users who were the the adult supervisors that often accompany the children coming to the Vancouver Maritime Museum on field trips or on family trips

After conducting some interviews with people in the Vancouver Vancouver within the target age groups I started trying to advertise with our users by creating the following three personas

I then shared this with the team To share all the pain points that we should be aware of it while designing for our tugboat simulator. We brainstormed on Mirro about any user interface styles that we might want to eat before or any concepts that would make the taco simulator experience as engaging as possible

We were feeling a bit lostAs to how we might synthesize all of our brainstorm I’ll come in to one product so we I reached out to our game design professor to understand how to make this simulation as fun or children our primary users. One our professor told us to start thinking about this project and model it after the actual real life experience of a boat ride

Then we thought it would be great to just combine all of our mini games into the experience we then propose the solution to the client to get approval on moving forward to start prototyping and unity